Monday, June 30, 2008

A voice in the crowd

The theme for this month’s Scientiae carnival is “A voice in the crowd”.  This month is being hosted over at Podblack, and the deadline for submission is July 2nd, so hop to it!!!

I am a quiet person.  I prefer to listen rather than talk.  I do not yell.  I feel sometimes like I don’t even have a voice.  How, then, can I be a voice in the crowd?  More importantly, how can I make my voice heard?  How can I motivate/encourage/coerce myself to speak up?

What value is there in speaking up?  Especially if no one is really listening.  And how often is someone really listening?  Is it better to remain silent and wonder “What if?” or to speak yet remain unheard?  To scream and remain unheard? 

I am beginning to understand that I struggle with verbal communication, even with the people closest to me, even about completely minor things.  This is something I really need to deal with sooner rather than later, mostly for the sake of my own sanity. 

I worry that if I say what I think, people will think I’m crazy.  How do I get over that (very teeny tiny little miniscule) hurdle?  


Amanda said...

I don't have an answer to your questions. However, I think that if you did say what you think very few people would think that you're crazy.

Ms.PhD said...

or, you can just get used to people thinking you're crazy.

I have.