Monday, June 23, 2008

Bits and pieces

TM and I did end up having a good talk while we were "babysitting" on Friday night.  It definitely made me feel better.  At the very least we got some things out in the open, which is always good.

However, I'm still feeling like crap.  I'm trying really hard to perk up, but I just feel apathetic about everything.  I put on the appropriate faces and the appropriate times, but I really just don't care.  I'm pretty sure I know what's causing it, and although I'm not making an immediate change to fix it, I'm taking some small steps.  That at least lets me feel like I'm a little more in control.  At the very least, I'm still sleeping well, so that's something.

Speaking of which, I had bizarre dreams last night.  A whole collection of them.  Complete with people having babies, dropped laptops, dolphins, quicksand, dead people and drunk people.

I got some interesting data today.  Really kind of intriguing.  And I'm trying to be excited about it.  But I don't know where to go from here.  I'm not sure what it really means, or how to figure anything else out.  Hm.

Crazy Man is going to be out of town for two weeks!  But that means I have to figure out Interesting Data and how to follow up and finish up this grant resubmission without tormenting him.  Which makes me sad.  I enjoy tormenting him when he's stressed.  It amuses me.  And I could use a little more amusement in my life.  He's totally freaked out about leaving us unsupervised for so long.  It's actually kind of sad, yet funny to watch.  He has some serious issues.  I would say that he needs therapy or medication or something, but I really don't think it would help.  I really just think he's neurotic.  

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