Saturday, June 7, 2008


The current CNN quick vote question:
Will Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech on Saturday help unify the democratic party?
Maybe I'm missing something...wouldn't that sorta, kinda, ya know, depend on WHAT SHE SAYS?  I'm mean sure, what she's going to say is probably pretty predictable.  But something outrageous could happen.  Just for the sake of argument.  CNN polls irritate me to no end.

You know what else irritates me to no end???  Dueling chainsaws outside my bedroom window at 7:30AM on Saturday.  Who does that???  Apparently my neighbor two doors down.  Grrrrr!!!  I appreciate that it's supposed to be like 900 degrees here today, but I needed to sleep dammit!

My sister just sent me a picture of a turtle.  

Mr. Lou is clingy this morning.  He sat in the bedroom door until I got up, and hasn't let me out of his sight since.  I guess he's still hoping for some breakfast.  Well so am I, little furry one.

More substantial posts coming soon, I promise.

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