Friday, June 20, 2008

Jumping in, starting a conversation...maybe

I thought for sure I'd spend some time writing while TM was out of town.  That totally didn't happen.  I was lazy beyond belief.  But it was good for me.  

(Like this is anything new...)

I was thinking about baby stuff the other night and then again while I was flowing yesterday (the experiment from hell that didn't even tell me anything...grrrr!!!).  So I made a spreadsheet of things I considered essential costs related to having a baby.  Added everything up and sent it to TM.  Hopefully it won't freak him out too much!  It actually added up to way less than I expected.  We'll see how he reacts.  We're babysitting for some friends tonight, so maybe we can chat about things.  I'm told the children will be sleeping...

Well that was quick.  Eyeroll.  His reply was, "See, expensive!"  I'm going to go cry in my cell culture now.  :(

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