Friday, April 11, 2008

Some good down time


It it SO good to be getting in some serious relaxation.  TM is at a regional meeting that's being hosted at our university, so I'm home all alooooone!  Well, it's me and Mr. Lou, but he's just sitting in the middle of the floor, looking at the ceiling when it thunders.

That's right, it's raining!  A nice solid thunderstorm, but not bad enough to be scary!  I LOVE storms.  I seriously should have been a meteorologist.  Seriously.

It's really nice for me to just be able to sit here by myself and let everything out.  Tonight, I'm just sitting here listening to my various country stations on Pandora and crying whenever the mood strikes.  Oh, that's something everyone should know about me.  I cry.  Over most anything.  I've gotten much better at controlling it though.  So now I occasionally need these times where I just let it out.  So if a song comes on that makes me want to cry, I do.  That makes me feel better because a song usually makes me think about something that makes me cry.  Lots of times it's stuff I don't think about much, but I'm still having some sort of issue with.  

Decompression is good.  Letting my mind wander is good.  Rain is good.  

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