Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday morning haha!

Over at Respectful Insolence, Orac had posted a rather amusing entry about an Olmsted article that was something along the lines of a friend of a friend of a friend talked to some HHS dude who said the knew mercury caused autism.  Big fat eyeroll on that.  Anyway, some of the comments were mocking this and were quite amusing, but this one from Jolene Jolene almost made me fall out of my chair:

my ex-sister-in-law's third cousin-twice removed lives right next door to this Dr. Jay guys' talent agent and is able to lip read totally fluently. She said that she say the agent said that Dr. Jay has accepted an offer from MTV to do a totally sick reality TV series. It's going to be called "Pimp My Baby's Vaccine Schedule." My sources are totally reliable, why would they make up something like this? The other news I heard was that MTV also made an offer to David Kirby for his own show, tentatively called, "Pimp My Community's Odds of Suffering an Epidemic of a Vaccine Preventable Disease Which Could Kill Many Babies and Children and Those with Compromised Immune Systems." 

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