Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We seem to have another stomach virus running amok in the lab.  I feel very nauseated right now, and I am not enjoying it.  I sort of feel like I'm just waiting for the inevitable.  And it ain't good.  Apparently this particular bug took out Post-doc dude's daughter's entire room at daycare plus 3 teachers.  Yuck!  Do not want!  I hoping it's just the fact that I had coffee this afternoon that is upsetting my stomach.  However, I also feel like I have a fever.  Not a good sign.  Maybe it's just warm in here.  Happy thoughts...

In other news, Crazy Man seems to be in a good mood this week.  Maybe he had a fun weekend, I dunno.  Other FGS has been giving him hell this week.  It's kind of amusing to watch.  I think her goal is to yell at him every day.

In other other news, I've been being very productive in lab!  Nothing to show for it yet, but hopefully something soon.  Since I achieved my goal of going an entire week where I started doing lab work before wasting time at my computer, I got a trip to Lush this past weekend.  I got 2 bath bombs and a bubble bar.  MMMMMMM!!!  If I keep this up for a whole month, I'm getting a new laptop bag.  Speaking of bags, this post cracked me up!

Hmmm...maybe the nausea is all in my head.  Distracting myself by writing this post seems to have helped tremendously.  I'm going to try to eat something.  Hopefully that will go well.  Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

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post-doc said...

A link to my bags post? Really? Aw...thank you!

And I'm jealous of your Lush finds - I wanted to shop in Toronto but ended up trapped in a Lush-free terminal. I hope the bath products helped (and continue to help) with any blech that happens.