Monday, August 18, 2008

Maybe I'm just cranky

To Crazy Man:
  1. I don't want you to come into the lab and rattle off a list of  all the crap you have to do today.  Honestly, I don't care how many letters of recommendation and paper reviews you have to write.  Stop whining about it and do it already.  And if it wasn't clear, I don't care.  Really.
  2. I don't want to start my Monday by listening to you talk about how you don't think students at this university work hard enough and how you really don't believe people can be successful in science and work 9-5.  Really don't.  Really really.  And it's really hard to feel good about anything with your rants.  Really.  It's really, really hard to even have a shred of hope left after your little spiels like that.  Really.
To two different sets of neighbors:
If your dog barks continuously when outside alone, he shouldn't be left outside alone.  Even on your screen porch.  It really, really ticks me off when I can't inspect my little baby tomatoes without hearing your dog barking continuously, even when it can't see me.  Really.  I almost trudged over to your house Saturday morning in my robe and purple crocs at 7:30 AM just for the spectacle value.  Really.  We've since been debating the merits of taser vs. tranq dart.  Not really.  

To Mr. Lou:
You are NOT a pinball.  And don't beg for sausage again.  Apparently you don't like it.  So don't beg for it.  

To my right ovary:
I'm glad you've settled down.  However, could we try to avoid searing pain while I'm trying to talk to Crazy Man?  Please?

To those of you searching for medical information on teh intrawebz:
Be careful.  There's some serious BS out there.  Seriously.  It would be funny because it's so bad, except that well-meaning people believe it.  And that ticks me off too.

I think I need a nap.  I'm this cranky, even though I've had fudge twice today.  Not a good sign.

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