Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally! (and some Friday link love)

My westerns finally (sorta) started working like they should (i.e. bands exist again).  Why is it that the controls work but the experiments don't?  Even the controls in the experiment don't work.  GAH!  

Of course, my problems are nothing compared to Disguntled Julie's.  Seriously?  Seriously!

Oh, and my mice aren't getting sick because they're not in sterile housing.  Why couldn't somebody have mentioned that somewhere along the way?  (Excuse me while I go sac my whole colony, put all those experiments on hold, order new breeders, wait for them to breed, and wait for them to get sick.)  Somehow I think the bulk of this just became somebody else's project.  Oh well.  I was in the process of getting unattached to it anyway.

Hm...what else is new?  Crazy Man has been in a good mood.  It's pretty disturbing.  He's been getting into my bubble today, which I really, really don't do well with.  (Post to come someday about my social anxiety...)  But today, he was sitting talking to me and his shirt was gaping open a bit and I could see his stomach.  And I was so disturbed that was all I could think about.  

Oh well...I'll just try to let that memory slide away into the ether.  Or whatever.  iPod is updated, and I believe it's time to hit the road!  Woohoo!

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