Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Conspiracy theory!!!

Pardon me while I have a conspiracy theory moment.  I posted a comment on HuffPo.  I can't seem to drag myself away no matter how much it jacks up my blood pressure.  So anyway, I posted this comment.  And then when I was looking at it again to double check a statistic for another comment, I realized the relevant part was gone.  The whole reason I posted the comment was no longer in there.  I copied and pasted an entire paragraph, and part of a sentence in the middle was gone.  So then I tried to reply to that comment, pasting in the relevant part, and my comment, which looked fine in preview, posted as a very, very truncated version, again, lopping off the relevant information.  DO NOT WANT!  So then I tried to post another comment where I just typed out the relevant statistics without copy/paste, and I got a message that the comment had already been posted and was awaiting moderation.  WTF???  

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