Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy update

I smoothed things over with my mom shortly after my last post. She said she was just kidding, and in retrospect (read: when I calmed down), I'm sure that was the case. She has been paid back mightily by a plague of toddlers too. My cousin and his wife (eyeroll) are having her babysit again this weekend. We're not talking "watch the boys so we can go out to dinner" babysitting, either. We're talking full-fledged we're-going-to-dump-the-boys-at-your-house-and-run-away-for-the-whole-weekend babysitting. They suck. She might as well have partial custody of those boys. Hmph! Seriously, I would take them if they'd let me. Double HMPH!

In other news, science rocks my socks! Things have been going super duper fabulous, and I'm motivated and excited, and voluntarily working all weekend, and excited about giving seminar and having a committee meeting and and and... Sheesh! Like I said...excited! :D I was kind of beginning to think I was never going to feel this way again. And now, here I am. I'm excited about my project. I'm excited about doing experiments. I'm excited about finishing up in the not too distant future. I finally feel like I'm actually good at this and that I'm certain I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I also found single serving containers of Ben and Jerry's last night. Giggle!!! What can be better than that???

'Scuse me while I go run half a dozen westerns. Before Monday. Seriously. :)

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