Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can't help myself

Age of Autism is just SO ripe for the picking lately that I just can't seem to control my urge to blog about it.  I still promise there will be a knitting post, just as soon as I find the camera and upload the pictures.  I'm almost done with another pair of socks, which I'm excited about because my new set of Knitpicks DPNs should be here any day!  Then I can start doing some serious socks!  :)  

Anyway, I subscribe to AoA in Google Reader because I'm curious, mostly.  Today, there was a post entitled "Stealth Viruses - The Secret Face of Autism?".  I suffered through one very, very miserable semester of virology, and I've picked up a lot of bits and pieces because there's a lot of people at my university that work on viruses.  So, as  you can imagine, i was curious.  

At first, I was just kind of annoyed by not being able to find many of the "references", first because one of the author's names was spelled two different ways, and secondly because there aren't actually any references given.  But I was just annoyed, and still mildly curious.  So I read on.  Everything was hunky dorey until I got to this gem:
However, the body can potentially respond through what Dr. Martin calls the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Martin believes that in addition to food metabolism via the mitochondria, the body has another means of acquiring cellular energy that is somewhat similar to photosynthesis. He compares the ACE pathway to an electrical system of batteries, switches, and currents.
Wait...WHAT?  I think I may have to let that one settle into the crevices of my brain for a while before I finish reading the article.

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