Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bit better

I am indeed feeling just a bit better today.  I managed to get a bit of lab work done, although everything I touched turned into disaster.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a bit of data out of it anyway.  

Speaking of data, a paper I'm an internal author on was just accepted.  This is especially exciting for me because I wrote the rebuttal letter, so I'm quite proud that I managed to not piss off the reviewers.  Particularly, reviewer 1, who was a real idiot.  Not just didn't get the paper...doesn't get biology idiot.  Postulated ridiculous explanations of things, that made absolutely NO sense given that we approached the question from two completely different systems just to avoid/address those issues.  But whatever.  I'm not bitter.  Moron.  

PSA to reviewers:  It is not helpful to have an entire review that consists entirely of "well it could be this or this or this or this", all of which are completely unaddressable and highly unlikely if not physically impossible.  Particularly when the exact same results were obtained in a second system in which there is a separate, non-overlapping set of "well it could be this or this or this or this".  We prefer that you use actual science as a basis of your review, rather than b.s. you came up with because you don't like our model (or us or whatever).  

Wow, that was cathartic!  :)

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