Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for 2010

My major goal for the year is to both look and act more professional. So far, I’m doing okay. I’m going to try to spend far less of my time playing passive-aggressive games, especially with Crazy Man. I’m planning to spend far more of my time doing productive things to build up, rather than beat down.

I declare 2010 the year of the first author publication! My goal for papers this year is to have three first author publications submitted.

I would also like to expand my horizons a bit on the personal side as well. To that end, I have a couple of goals:

1. Move more. I’m not an athletic person, and I don’t generally find much enjoyment in physical activities. So rather than saying I plan to go to the gym x number of times a week or I plan to lose 25 pounds, my goal is to simply move more and try to have fun doing so. It’s too cold for me to bike right now, but maybe my formerly broke ass shoulder will tolerate a little racquetball with the hubby.

2. I want to do something social. I am a severe introvert, and I haven’t really made any close friends since I started graduate school. So my goal to try to improve in this area to try something that forces me to interact with new people. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking of volunteering, joining a book club or knitting group or maybe finding a community band to play in or a dance class to take. Something to simply push me a little outside my comfort zone. I find that imposter syndrome tends to rear its ugly head when I consider these things, so I’m really hoping to try to overcome that somewhat.


pratiklahiri06 said...

heyy.. i just came across your blog and i read one post.. then another and then another till i had read 7 and spent a good half an hour.
What i really could relate to is that i am a molecular biologist(actually an undergrad.. but with some project experience) and i could recognise the day to day frustrations of lab work.. when expts don't go right.. though i feel sympathetic towards the ducklings. i have been at the receiving end of hand holding a few times and I am grateful to those who did it for me. Actually i still do need it. i guess i am just rambling on right now. so i should stop. But, i will be following your blog.. its interesting.

WomanScientist said...

Hi! Welcome to my crazy little party! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.