Saturday, November 8, 2008

A musical morning

Shingles update: I feel so much better this morning. I actually managed to get some good sleep last night. It doesn’t feel like my head is going to explode anymore. I’m not too itchy and my back and side are significantly less sore, and the rash is starting to dry up. It seems like I’m going to make it!

Warning: Self-indulgent rambling follows! :)

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit self-indulgent this morning. One of my favorite ways to sort of let things out (and this is a little weird, I think), is to listen to country music and let myself cry. I don’t know why exactly, but it makes me feel better.

And now, this morning’s playlist so far (with a little self-indulgent commentary):
• “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood
I think I’ve heard this song exactly once that I didn’t cry for serious. There are three spots that inevitably get me:
“Tell my baby sister that I’ll see her in the fall” My sister has issues, but I love her to pieces. Still not really sure why this gets me going so much.
“Tell Mema that I miss her, yeah I should give her a call” I guess this part gets me because I call my grandmother Mema, and I do miss her even though I talk to her often. This is the line that made me cry the first time I ever heard this song.
“Make sure you tell Daddy that I’m still his little girl” I think this is the one that gets me the most now. It’s been a little over a year since my dad died, and I’ve handled it pretty well, but this line breaks me down every time.

• “I Go Back” by Kenny Chesney
This one makes me think about my dad a bit now too, but it really makes me think about my great grandmother.

• “The Woman With You” by Kenny Chesney
This is one of my unofficial them songs. For some reason I always end up listening to this in the midst of the songs that make me cry. It just makes me smile a little.

• “Good Directions” by Billy Currington
I just thought about this one while I was poking around on YouTube. It’s a cute song, and it makes me think about home. Are you ready for a small southern town story? :) This song was written my Luke Bryan. His sister was my sixth grade teacher. We actually adopted Charlie from her. The store that is mentioned is right up the street from my mom’s house. Shrug…it just all sort of amuses me. Pandora plays the song for me, and I think about how I know these people and places. And it reminds me how happy I am that I’m never going to live there again!

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girlscience said...

I'm not going to lie, "tell daddy I'm still his little girl" gets me every time...